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Our Grantwriting Expertise Can Help You Succeed Quickly.

Securing government and foundation grants is a specialty that requires experience. You need to know where to look and how to tailor the request to get your grant. Goliath Slayer Communications knows the process and can help your organization.

We have a proven track record in getting the job done. Grantwriting is the perfect function to outsource to a professional. Why incur the overhead of bringing a person onto the payroll to do this function? Why take valuable time away from your Chief Development Officer, who should be securing major donors and cultivating relationships for your organization?

Let’s take a recent example. An Elgin, IL non-profit organization was experiencing significant turnover in its Development Department and needed to keep funds coming into the organization during the transition period. For an $8,250 investment in services over 5 and a half months, Goliath Slayer produced $35,000 in received grant monies with even more possibly forthcoming.

Goliath Slayer Communications is a leader in the political consulting field, which can prove highly beneficial in the area of government grants. We know where to look and whom to talk to. Another Elgin, IL non-profit organization struggled for over 2 years in receiving $166,000 in State monies that had been previously committed, but undelivered, to the organization. Goliath Slayer came in, talked to the right people, and, in short order, secured an agreement with the State to recoup the funds.

Goliath Slayer Communications has the experience and skills to secure the critical funds your organization needs. Our initial consultation is always free (less any necessary travel expenses) and we have reasonable rates available by the hour, by monthly retainer, and, in some rare cases, by percentage based compensation.

Please look at the résumé of our President, Jon Zahm, to see the vast array of development successes he has had. Rest assured, Jon will always be responsible for your satisfaction. You can expect a rate of return of 3 or 4 dollars raised for every dollar you invest in Goliath Slayer Communications. We will work with you until we achieve the results you deserve.

k9sforveteransOne of The Goliath Slayer’s featured clients is K9s for Veterans NFP

This outstanding organization matches Veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI with rescue dogs from KILL animal shelters. These amazing canines are specially and uniquely trained to provide life-saving, and life-enhancing, services to their partners. The charity continues training aid, food, and medical care to the team, for the life of the dog.

Learn more at www.K9SD.org. Consider a $19 a month sustaining automatic deduction to help with the recurring food and medical costs.